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The District of Metchosin, together with the Beecher Bay First Nation and the City of Langford are proposing an adjustment to the municipal boundary between the City of Langford and the District of Metchosin. The purpose of the adjustment is to provide lands for a business park in Langford, of which the Beecher Bay Band would become part owners. In exchange for the economic development opportunity, the Beecher Bay Band has agreed to transfer 250 acres of Crown lands (Sections 25, 28 and 95) that Beecher Bay First Nation has been offered as part of the treaty settlement package from the province, to the District of Metchosin as park land. The proposal would see 354 acres become part of Langford, and be used for business park use, as well as residential purposes. Once contained within Langford, the properties would have access to sewer services that are not available within the District of Metchosin. In addition to the Crown lands provided by the Beecher Bay Band, the District would also receive 112 acres of park land along Metchosin Creek that would act as a protective buffer for the Creek, as well as providing a transition from Langford into rural Metchosin. The District has also negotiated a tax sharing agreement that would see Metchosin receive a share of the taxes from the business park as well as from other portions of the land transferred to Langford.

The process involves many steps, including bylaw amendments to the Regional Growth Strategy (see update), an alternative approval process in Langford, a referendum in Metchosin, as well as review by the Province, and ultimately approval by Cabinet. This webpage will be updated with information as it becomes available. Stay up to date on the process and learn how you can be involved by checking back to this webpage regularly.

Click here to view the draft agreement between Metchosin, Langford and Beecher Bay.




Boundary Adjustment Agreement

Letter Agreement

Reconciliation Agreement


Background Information

Council Mail out - Referendum - January 2017

Open House Handout - November 2016

Mayor's Letter to Residents - September 2016

Resident Backgrounder - September 2016

Map 1  - Proposed Land Use Designation

Map 2  - Elevations

Map - 3 - Proposed Municipal Boundary Amendment Map

Open Houses

The District of Metchosin held a town hall style meeting on January 16, 2017 in order to provide an opportunity for residents to ask questions on the proposed boundary adjustment.  Metchosin Council and Beecher Bay Band Council sat on a panel responding to the public.  Please click the link below to view the minutes of the meeting:

Minutes - January 16, 2017

Q&A - January 2017

The District of Metchosin held a Public Open House on the proposal on Wednesday, October 26th in the Council Chambers.  The purpose of the Open House was to provide information to the public and receive input on the proposed boundary adjustment. The following presentation materials were on display at the Open House:

What is being Proposed?

Why is Metchosin considering the change?

What is the process?

How can Metchosin residents have input?

What are the risks?


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Regional Growth Strategy Amendments

Media Release - January 11, 2018 - CRD Adopts Growth Strategy Amendment Related to West Shore Land Swap

Metchosin and Langford Boundary Adjustment Proposal Process

Joint letter to CRD - October 17, 2016 - Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) Amendment Request


We want to hear from you!  Your feedback is always welcome. Complete our feedback form or write a separate email or letter to Council at   The District will be distributing an information package to every resident in the fall via mail as part of the process.  A referendum on the Proposed Boundary Adjustment will take place January 14, 2017.  Continue to follow this page for additional information on the proposal and further details related to the upcoming referendum.   

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