Montreul Hill Trail

Montreul Hill

Metchosin has a new trail, that gives you a good workout on the way up and a gorgeous view at the top. It’s on Montreul Hill (yes that’s the official spelling, although other versions have been around).

Developer Dale Malloch who opened up the new seven-lot Montreul Heights subdivision created the trail to the top of the hill after some suggestions from Metchosin’s parks and trails select committee.

Access is from Rocky Point Road at the new Montreul Heights Road -- coming from Metchosin village, it’s on the left just past the Aquarius subdivision. Montreul Heights subdivision borders the “zodiac” neighbourhood on one side.

For now, until the first houses are built there’s a gate that keeps cars out, but you can walk around it. The actual trail starts a bit more than halfway up, off to the left on a fire access road. Watch for the signs. The trail is a bit steep and rocky in spots, but the view is worth the climb.

Near the top is a “candelabra” Douglas fir tree.

Written by Norman Gidney
Volunteer Parks and Trails Coordinator